The Monster Detective Agency

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If you are brave and ready for  action, JOIN US for for some amazing adventures!

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Will Allen : Chief Investigator : Detective Third Class

One of the smartest boys in Ashford Middle School, Will's bravery and keen mind have made him one of the greatest monster detectives of all time.  Though short in stature, Will has solved such awesome cases as The Ring of Terror, The Terrible Truth, The Unconquerable Beast, and The Dubious Shrine.  His stout heart and unshakable will have made him the scourge of monsters everywhere.



Will Allen faces his first monster in "Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency."

Jeannine Fitsimmons : Chief Executive, Detective - Third Class

Though initially intending to contribute only her management skills, Jeannine has become a full-fledged investigator in her own right.  Her intuition and insight have often served to balance Will's occasional fits of pique.  She first earned her detective's badge with her exceptional bravery and fortuitous timing in the Case of the Ring of Terror.


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Bigelow Hawkins : The Great Monster Detective

This legendary, though diminuitive detective has been Will's friend and mentor right from the agency's foundation.  His first adventure with Will is chronicled in Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective.

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