Chronicles of Our Adventures

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Case Files of the Monster Detective Agency

Will and Jeannine's monster hunting career has entered them into a series of amazing adventures that have been written down in their carefully documented files.  A current review of their file cabinet turned up the following cases:


Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective 


Will Allen, a smart but undersized 5th grade boy, is haunted by a monster that arises from under his bed at night that no one believes is real, except for his best friend, Jeannine.  Together they search fruitlessly for help, until Jeannine spots a mysterious business card sticking out of Will's book bag, instructing him how to summon Bigelow Hawkins, the Great Monster Detective.  With Bigelow's help, Will must learn how to conquer his monsters and uncover the secret of the HIDDEN BEAST before it's too late...

Will Allen and the Ring of Terror 


In Will's very first challenge as a full-fledged monster detective, he must face the mystery of The Ring of Terror.  Will's tormented, though reluctant client, Timmy Newesome, is being plagued by a terrifying monster that appears to Will as only a harmless golden ring.  Can Jeannine help Will discover the truth behind Timmy's monster before they all fall victim to its terrible power?

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Will Allen and the Hideous Shroud

Will Allen has conquered monsters, but now he must face an even more daunting challenge: middle school!  And if steering his way through the trials and conflicts that arise from dealing with cranky teachers, trying to make new friends, and struggling to fit in aren’t enough, Will’s new case is sure to make his head spin – he has to defend a bully!   But can Will uncover the truth and rescue his brutish client when Will’s monster-fighting flashlight, the RevealeR, has suddenly become more dangerous than the monsters themselves?

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Will Allen and the Dubious Shrine

Will's challenges grow more complicated as romance enters the picture...along with a mysterious, hooded demon who turns Will's own strength against him!

Will Allen and the Unconquerable Beast

Will faces the ultimate foe: the King of Shadows!  But how can Will save the wealthy, spoiled Jaime MacIntyre from a monster that cannot be defeated?


Will Allen and the Lair of the Phantoms

Will Allen faces his most painful challenge when a chance visit to his grandfather's hospital room brings him face to face with a phantom from his family's buried past. To overcome the monster and save his grandfather, Will must break through dimensional barriers to enter the Lair of the Phantoms and confront his most dangerous foe, the King of Shadows, as well as his family's own haunted past.