Monster School and Library Programs and Activities

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 We travel to Schools, Libraries, Bookstores, and Book Festivals to help kids learn, have fun, and face monsters! 


Some of the Monster Detective Agency's other activites include Monster StoryPlays, and MonsterMaker Crafts programs. (for more info, click HERE to go to the Monster Hunt website)

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To find out more about our  Great Townwide Monster Hunt, Click Here.


In addition, our author Jason Edwards performs his acclaimed Destination: INSPIRATION creative writing assemblies and workshops at schools across the nation!  Click here for more info!

We travel all over to bring our programs to you!

Our premier program, the Monster Hunt, is a clue decoding scavenger hunt in which the kids are the real detectives!

And what could inspire more creativity than making your own monsters?

They are limited only by a child's imagination!

And nothing is ever an error...

The Kids Do the Decoding, the Kids Hunt Down the Clues!

Kids' creativity runs wild when they make monsters!

To see a more detailed description of our Monster Hunts, click here


To see a more detailed description of our MonsterMaker Program, click here


StoryPlay is as limitless and creative as a child's imagination!  Children of all ages and levels of ability create characters and make up their own lines, yet no reading or writing skills are required.  The storyteller's spins a madcap yarn and prompts the performers until the tale reaches its ultimate conclusion.

To get a more detailed description of our StoryPlay Program, click here


or to track down some very different kinds of beasts, join us for our newest program, a thrilling

click here to see a slideshow of some wild African beasts!