Monster Detective Agency Mini Mysteries - Continued

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Will put his fingers to his lips and frowned.  He thought it over for a moment and then said, OK, lets follow whatever it is you saw.  Lead the way, Detective."

    Jeannine shot Will a suspicious look, as though she wasn't sure if he was convinced.  Finally though, she decided that it didn't matter.

            "Fine," she said loftily.  "Follow me."

    And together they marched around the hedges and down the side of the house.  They both looked up and down, but spotted nothing.

"See anything?" Jeannine asked.

"Nothing out here," Will answered.  "But maybe there's something still in the shrubs."  He then pushed aside the thorny branches and stepped deep into the bushes.

"Nothing in here either..." he began, but just as he spoke, the branches he had pushed aside swung back and smacked him in the face.  When he turned to face Jeannine, his mouth was stuffed with leaves, which he spat out onto the ground.  Will glared up at Jeannine, but she spoke first.

            "Don't you dare give me one of your ‘I told you so' looks!" she growled.  "We haven't checked around the back yet, and anyway, you didn't even take out your MonsterScope, so how can you spot if there's know, Monster-ish going on?"

    Will opened his mouth to speak, but then thought better of it, and spat out more leaves instead.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a magnifying glass that glowed brightly in the early evening twilight.  His MonsterScope.

            "OK, I'm using my MonsterScope," Will grumbled, raising it to his eye and looking around in all directions.  "Happy now?"

            "I'll be happy," Jeannine retorted, "when we find something.  Let's go around back."

    Will frowned, but he followed Jeannine around the corner of the house to the back yard.  It was small and the ground was uneven, but the grass was neatly trimmed.  Will was still looking through the yard when Jeannine called out excitedly, "There!  In the bushed over the by the steps!  I see it Will!"

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